The licensed professionals at Triad Associates, Inc. have the expertise necessary to handle many types of water supply engineering challenges. Our engineers design water treatment plants, clean-water delivery systems, and water towers for cities and towns throughout Indiana.

If your community needs a professional to plan efficient, effective delivery of drinking water, call (317) 377-5230 today to talk with one of our Indianapolis-based experts.

Proudly serving municipalities since 1975, Triad Associates’ water resources engineering professionals pride themselves on offering our clients a broad range of services — everything from civil engineering to architectural design — that move projects from the drawing board and into construction.

Water Supply Engineering Indianapolis

Helping Communities Grow

For decades, cities and towns have trusted Triad Associates to facilitate the delivery of clean, affordable drinking water to residents. That can be tricky in fast-growing communities where demand jumps in leaps and bounds, but it’s still in our wheelhouse. Our water engineers know how to evaluate current water systems and water-usage rates, and we can plan improvements that will refine water pressure and quality. We even create models that factor in demographics, industrial growth, and water sources to estimate the impact of any improvements.

The same tactics apply to business growth. Officials looking to draw corporate investment to their communities know that unless adequate infrastructure is in place, companies are likely to look elsewhere for expansion opportunities. Not only can our engineers project the impact of a large new industrial user on a city’s water supply, but we are also equipped to evaluate potential water sources, gauge quality, weigh treatment options, and estimate rates for the final user. Triad’s water resources engineering services also include assistance with the regulatory filings needed to expand a municipal water supply.

Tackling Aging Infrastructure

Aging infrastructure is another potential hurdle for municipalities. Leaking pipes mean lower water pressure and wasted water. Contaminates can also infiltrate the system, lowering water quality. In those cases, we can look strategically at water resources to determine the most cost-effective solution. In some situations, replacement of certain sections of water mainline improved performance of the entire system. For another client, raising the height of a water tower alleviated low-pressure problems.

We have also helped our clients in the following ways:

  • Locating acceptable new sources for drinking water
  • Extending and relocating water lines
  • Evaluating fire hydrants to ensure they have enough pressure to perform
  • Analyzing water loss
  • Designing storage tanks

Why Hire Triad’s Water Engineers?

In addition to water supply engineering, Triad Associates also has extensive experience with wastewater and stormwater projects, providing clients with one company capable of addressing all their needs. Contact our Indianapolis office at (317) 377-5230 to learn more about how we can help you.