For decades, Triad Associates, Inc. has been one of the go-to wastewater engineering firms for cities and towns throughout Indiana and beyond.

Our experienced professionals have designed wastewater treatment facilities and collection systems for clients of all sizes, delivering long-term design solutions that keep their projects on budget.

Contact us at (317) 377-5230 today to get our Indianapolis-based wastewater engineers started on your project.

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Treatment Plants

Municipal wastewater challenges include treating residential and commercial sewage as well as stormwater runoff that has been contaminated with everything from agricultural chemicals to the residue left behind on streets and parking lots. Whatever the source, our clients are responsible for treating wastewater so that it is clean enough to be safely released into the nation’s rivers and streams.

As one of Indiana’s elite engineering firms, Triad Associates is proud to provide in-house expertise in all needed disciplines. Our engineers can model existing demand, design a new wastewater treatment plant, and expand existing facilities — and then see the project through regulatory review and construction. Triad Associates’ multi-discipline approach also extends beyond civil engineering to include architectural services.

Collection Systems

Other projects our wastewater engineers have tackled include the design of stormwater and sewer line separations, wastewater line extensions to new customers, and evaluation and repairs of existing sewer lines. In all of these projects, our focus is on finding the most cost-effective solution that allows clients to keep sewer rates affordable.

Wastewater Solutions That Work

Triad Associates knows that all wastewater engineering firms are not created equally, so we make an effort to stand out from the competition. To do that, we grew beyond our initial focus on water and wastewater, delivering integrated solutions to address all our clients’ needs. Call our Indianapolis office at (317) 377-5230 to learn more about how our in-house experts can help your community tackle the wastewater needs of today and tomorrow.

We also provide water supply and stormwater services, ensuring Triad takes a comprehensive approach to problem solving.