Since 1975, Triad Associates, Inc. has provided stormwater engineering solutions that allow cities and towns to address drainage issues. We have assisted clients in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio by designing stormwater basins, estimating the runoff impact of new construction, and helping to establish — and calculate — stormwater rates. If your community is grappling with flooding or drainage issues, contact us at (317) 377-5230 today to speak with one of our Indianapolis-based engineers.

Indiana Watershed Studies & Protection

Every time a building or parking lot emerges from fallow land, it affects drainage in the area. But skilled stormwater engineers can lessen the impact on the underlying watershed, reducing the risk of flooding after rainfall and improving water quality in the process. Triad has had success with the following:

  • Slowing the flow of runoff to help sediment settle
  • Protecting waterways from being inundated by heavy rain that can contaminate the water and cause river levels to spike
  • Planning for runoff by measuring typical rates during different rain events and developing models to predict flows

With our stormwater engineers helping to guide development, clients can be confident that new construction won’t cause flooding or lead to violations of watershed regulations.

Flood Prevention

As the landscape changes, drainage patterns evolve. And since many older residential subdivisions in the Midwest were built before stringent stormwater-runoff ordinances were passed, the result is often flooding. Triad Associates conducts engineering assessments of flood-prone areas to determine why rainwater is pooling and how best to resolve the problem. Including permeable pavement and rain gardens in project designs, for example, can help keep stormwater from turning into floodwater.

What Can Triad’s Engineers Do for Your Community?

In addition to stormwater engineering, Triad Associates also has experience with an array of wastewater and water supply projects — making us the go-to source of all our clients’ civil engineering needs. We even provide architectural services in-house! Call our Indianapolis office at (317) 377-5230 today to learn more about us and how we can help solve your community’s most vexing issues.