Triad Associates, Inc. has been building partnerships with cities and towns since 1975, providing a full range of civil engineering and architecture services to ensure all their needs are met. Our Indianapolis architects have designed public facilities such as fire stations and libraries, planned municipal parks, and put the final touches on downtown revitalization projects — including the rehabilitation of historic buildings.

Contact us at (317) 377-5230 to discuss how our experts can help your community.

Based in Indianapolis with a satellite office in Goshen, Triad Associates works with municipalities throughout Indiana. We are also licensed to do business in Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.

What Keeps our Clients up at Night?

With decades of architectural and engineering experience, we understand the pressures our clients face. We know that blown budgets, finger pointing, and change orders cause them to toss and turn. Triad Associates alleviates these pressures by providing a single point of contact for our projects, backed by a broad base of in-house expertise. If one of our architects has a site-design question, for example, the answer is just down the hall.

How Do We Help?

Triad Associates is a one-stop shop for municipalities. We have expanded our capabilities to address clients’ needs, but we haven’t lost our focus on providing top-notch, cost-effective service. We’re small enough to value every client and every project, but we have the depth of knowledge to handle challenges efficiently.

Our architecture services include the following:

There’s a reason public officials turn to Triad Associates for everything from stormwater engineering to architectural engineering: We put customers first, delivering superior solutions that can accommodate any budget. Enlist our architects by calling our Indianapolis office at (317) 377-5230. We’ll review your needs, develop a funding plan, and design the best project possible.