Triad Associates, Inc. has decades of experience designing multi-family housing projects for cities and towns in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. We’ve worked with clients both to design new residential buildings and to rehabilitate historic structures into affordable housing. We’ve helped clients navigate grant applications and develop projects to meet the funding agency’s criteria.

To explore multi-family housing opportunities in your community, call us at (317) 377-5230 to speak to one of our Indianapolis-based architects or engineers.

Breathing New Life into Historic Buildings

Historic buildings are the structures that remind us of our roots and link the past with our everyday lives. But when they are abandoned, they become vulnerable. Needed upkeep isn’t done, they become targets for demolition, and a piece of history is lost forever. At Triad Associates, we preserve the past by working with municipalities to find new uses for old buildings.

In Logansport, Indiana, for instance, we designed and managed a project that converted the basement and first two floors of the historic Masonic Building into affordable housing for clients of the Four County Mental Health Organization. That was a win for everyone involved: We saved a gorgeous building and gave residents a place to start rebuilding their lives.

Likewise in Grant County, Indiana, we converted the historic jail and sheriff’s residence into 42 low-cost apartments, handling the space planning, architectural designs, and cost estimates. From these and many more projects, we’ve learned to anticipate challenges that older buildings have and transform them into strengths for the new user.

Covering all the Bases on New Construction

When a multi-family housing project calls for new construction, Triad Associates gives clients a single point of contact and continuity during planning, design, and construction. Our early involvement helps us understand the rationale for a project and allows us to incorporate those goals throughout. We also help communities plan and design parks and recreation areas to provide the amenities residents want.

Contact us at (317) 377-5230 to discuss your community’s housing needs and what type of multi-family project might be a good fit. Our experts can help assess your area’s affordable housing needs and provide the living spaces needed to put residents on the path to financial security. Indianapolis-based Triad Associates provides a full range of civil engineering and architecture services, including public building design.