Proudly serving cities and towns in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan since 1975, the professionals at Triad Associates, Inc. do more than plan and manage complicated projects for municipalities. We solve their infrastructure problems, from wastewater treatment and stormwater management to abandoned buildings and downtown decay.

Our full-service approach to meeting clients’ needs has helped us cultivate long-term relationships with them, further distinguishing Triad Associates from other engineering firms. Contact us at (317) 377-5230 to get our talented team working on a solution for you today.

Engineers Who Listen

Most consulting firms ask clients about their goals for a specific project, but we take a broader view. Our professional engineers start every project by asking the right questions — and listening to the answers. When we understand our clients’ long-term ambitions, we can tweak designs to address their current and future needs.

Take, for example, a city that engages Triad Associates to handle civil engineering for a wastewater treatment facility. With a few simple questions, we can come up with a plan that suits the community’s existing needs. Or we can dig deeper — and we do — to discover that economic development leaders are working to land a new factory that would require additional capacity. As a result, our job shifts to building a treatment plant that can be expanded easily and cost-effectively once the papers are signed and the manufacturing begins.

An Engineering Firm & So Much More

That focus on our clients has prompted Triad Associates to add capabilities over the years, most notably architectural services. The bulk of our work in that realm so far has been on municipal facilities such as town halls and fire stations, but we’re also proud of our success with other projects converting historic buildings into affordable housing.

We understand that our firm’s growth is a reflection of the trust clients have placed in us. Triad Associates has come a long way since our humble beginnings, when we focused on addressing communities’ water and wastewater needs — and we are better because of it. We no longer handle construction ourselves, for example, but our decades of experience building these intricate systems give us a deeper understanding than staff at an engineering firm that only does design.

Why Choose Triad Associates?

Our clients know that we will go the extra mile to meet their needs, even if that means stretching a bit beyond our comfort zone. That’s because we know they could call other companies — but they keep us on speed dial. We take that trust and the responsibility that comes with it seriously, maintaining active memberships in many industry organizations to enhance our expertise and mentor the next generation of designers. And we’re always on the lookout for like-minded professionals to join our team.

Call Indianapolis-based Triad Associates at (317) 377-5230 to learn more about us and how we differentiate ourselves from other engineering firms. Our experienced, engaged professionals are eager to help solve problems of all calibers.