Public parks work when they’re an integrated part of a community, used for recreation and relaxation while boosting the area’s ecology. The Indianapolis-based engineers at Triad Associates, Inc. provide cities and towns with landscape architecture services, allowing them to develop green spaces that give back. To find out how our expertise can help your next project blossom and grow, contact us at (317) 377-5230.

With offices in Indianapolis and Goshen, Triad Associates works with municipal clients throughout Indiana; we are also licensed to do business in Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.

In-House Landscape Engineering Support

Behind every public park is the civil engineering that makes it work — the science must harmonize with aesthetics. Without a landscape design that includes plantings native to the Midwest, a park could look great during a rainy summer but awful during a drought. Without proper drainage, recreation fields would flood. Without expert architecture, park facilities could leak and fall into disrepair.

Triad Associates offers our clients custom solutions, with in-house specialists to tackle every facet of the project. In the end, our goal is the same as yours: a park that serves as a community gathering place.

Design that Builds Quality of Life

Our landscape engineering experience also includes using streetscaping to revitalize sagging downtowns and abandoned riverfronts. Officials in Knightstown, Indiana, developed an in-depth plan to revitalize its downtown, for example, converting it into a welcoming central square where pedestrians walk to lunch with friends and browse in local antique shops. Triad Associates brought the plan to life with a cohesive design that set the historic downtown apart with new sidewalks and curbs, benches, trash receptacles, and benches.

Founded in 1975, Triad Associates also offers architecture and engineering services for municipal facilities and multi-family housing projects.

Call the landscape architecture experts in our Indianapolis office at (317) 377-5230 to discuss your next park project. We’ll help make your green space work hard to boost your community’s quality of life.