Based in Indianapolis, Triad Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive civil engineering services to municipal clients throughout Indiana, drawing on decades of experience to meet their water supply, stormwater, and wastewater needs. As a full-service firm, we also are equipped to handle transportation engineering, architectural design, and other related tasks. Contact us at (317) 377-5230 today to speak with one of our professional engineers.

Triad Associates also has an office in Goshen, and we are licensed to do business in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.

A Focus on Water

When our founders established Triad Associates in 1975, their intent was to concentrate on helping communities address their need for clean water. As a result, our skill set runs the gamut from engineering the towers that feed a municipal water supply to designing wastewater systems that treat sewage and stormwater runoff alike. Over time, we have broadened our services to accommodate clients who’ve asked us to do more.

In-house Expertise in All Needed Disciplines

That internal growth has helped distinguish us from other civil engineering firms: We are small enough to care about every project, yet we provide a full range of expertise so we can keep all the work under our direct control.

If there’s a challenge on one of our engineering projects, we tackle it ourselves, ensuring the job gets done right. Such coordination also improves efficiency and often reduces costs, allowing Triad Associates to offer a value proposition too.

For example, when Triad Associates is working on a new wastewater treatment plant, we do everything in-house: We design the site’s roads and drainage, handle structural engineering for the building, and provide wastewater engineering for the treatment plant itself. Likewise, if we’re hired to design a new fire station, we also take care of site planning and access-road engineering. We want to be known as the experts who will guide your project from its planning stages through construction.

Our Experience Means Solutions that Work

With our broad range of experience, Triad Associates distinguishes itself from other civil engineering firms by providing clients with integrated solutions that work together. Contact us at our Indianapolis office at (317) 377-5230 to learn more about how Triad Associates can help your community plan for, design, and build for the future.